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when the intellect is so shattered and enfeebled by disease that
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instances owing to circumstances over which the Medical
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and signs of bronchitis are the rule in the more serious cases. Examination
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In order to compare two salts with univalent and bivalent anions
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he enjoys their attentions a thousand times more than
knee in cases where the primary mischief was in the upper
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of an i ich in its long diameter and was attached to
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Dr. Luff found in an examination of seventy seven chronic gouty
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operation. The patient was put to bed and in the even
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a piece of stick bone or any such like substance. It is more
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is not mentioned this time by exception Baxter leaves
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are made however in the hope that the author whose work
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Case. Samuel Tabb aged U of sanguine temperament was
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incision the skin excepted traversing tlie superficial layers of the
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cile Hoyle and Euclid the latter of whom declares a
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the country. The unfortunate Marines whose sojourn in Ashantee
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peculiar reddish granular looking lining membrane. At
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way interferes with the transport of manufactured goods textile or woollen
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lence and more to the results of the application of the
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writes to the Company that he lias heard of fresh cases. The facts
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torium treatment and that none were injured by it. Hun
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in parasites b in leucocytes and c in certain cells of
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ulations or by cheesy collections called solitary tubercles. The former sre
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manifestly inoperable or else discovered at autopsy in
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in the various wards at one time which is more than
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that we possess a large amount of accurate information as to
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moment appear to have a dark head and at the next a
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drifted along until when Jonathan K. Gapin of New York brought
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History. This was indefinite. All that could be elicited from
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tific powers which are daily exercised in the investigation
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lacrimal gland while one other joins a small branch of the maxil
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as quickly as under ordinary circumstances. Pregnancy has not
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regenerate. In the liver new bile ducts are formed from the cells
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in analysing the different factors maintaining the pressure. The
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the pains of lead colic and the retraction of the abdomen
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duty of visiting physician most faithfully for a year. His
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thodox remedies are duly prescribed. Proper credit is
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that of boiling water was capable of volatilizing the arsenite

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