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portion examined. In the experimental investigation of mouse cancer

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trophic neuritis with secondary involvement of the dorsal columns of the cord.

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primary specific adhesive inflammation might be communi

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The effect of explosive decompression on the body could be determined by the

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toms of appendicitis but had caused sufficient irritation to

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character and the furniture grouped in such a way as

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Dr. David Duncombe from London District appeared before

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died in Jamaica last summer where they were engaged

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paratus was not expensive and was easily portable. The

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to see the Chairman of the Legislative Committee made ex officio member

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jury to the spleen the writer described a method of treat

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This may be accounted for by the superficial manner in which

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Branch. I. The Northern Counties Branch o the British Medical

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no fracture of metatarsal bone detected. A good deal of

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to presume that any large number of our readers have

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and a relatively increased proportion of solids. According to Garrod s

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month s treatment the girl was told she needed an op

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or similar pattern with No. or No. catgut the lacera

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of this field of work had contributed more than history can ever

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the laryngitis finally involves the cartilages becoming a true perichondritis.

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on record an observation which must strike as true those who have

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doses tliat can be tolerated for any considerable time. Fifty to

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choroid and rctma are somewhat congested. And I have

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the possible contagion of septic matters. Mr. Howse very recently in

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situation considerable pain was the result of elevation or rota

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