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There are good railroad postal and telegraphic facili
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erally located cavities. The gurgling and slushing sounds caused by
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so constantly exclaim There is nothing new under the
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as distinct from ourselves and from the other bodies with which we are
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Sixth Intravenous and intratracheal injections of virulent
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ever by writers not on the regular staff it is evident
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well paid. I must recommend all surgeons to remember the oath
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practitioners pronounce the cause of death in a large herd of
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duction because the surgeon did not abduct the foot before he atternpted
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claimed that death was due to tetanus caused by the
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had subsided. The woman suddenly became very weak de
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ha ing disproved their influence upon my results by almost
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body turning upon the symphysis pubis as an axis. I easily
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Ulcus ventriculi chronicum. ResuItatseloignesde opt
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was a marginal ulcer of the cornea involving about two thirds of the
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Experience of feveral eminent Phyficians and illuftrated with
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absorption of the clot and restoration of vision. It must
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Michclet in his Thesis it is deserving uf all our attention.
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expressionless and the pupils usually contracted. The season of
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the diagnosis can only be made by exclusion and there
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trunks into the veins near the confluence of large branches where the venous
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kind have come to us from later times. Simple diarrheic evacuations
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at first be interchangeable and the deformity may be
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a paralyzer of the motor and sensory nerves and of the muscles
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degree of confidence. The subject to which I allude is what is termed
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plify indeed there cannot it seems to me be a doubt that
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many and various can give rise to an affection which in all climates
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tribution of cases will be promptly seconded l y our
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difficult to generalize about them. Many do surprisingly

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