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ing the abdomen divided into active or gymnastic and
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as characterized by cutaneous paralysis by which is evidently meant
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and therefore that they resemble ordinary Ught in consisting of
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applications of optochin need not be so frequent but as there
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mucous cellular tissue into the fibres of the sphincter
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to pass long blunt end soft rubber tubes with side open
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physician and Sydenham. However it was a French physician
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like an aspen leaf when opening a felon or an abscess. Such
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Fluid Extract Condurango bark. Not miscible with water
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Medical treatment of this disease is of little value. Various
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the walls and the wood work after chlorine or sulphurous acid
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been called tuberculous rheumatism that is an affection
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recourse to the dernier ressort the infallible Doctor Blank. In
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there was no question in his mind but that the operation
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globular tumour harder than the tissues of the tongue and
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levied for the furtherance of its objects. Here we have
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in a carriage at the time the febrile acceflion might be expected
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set in and he had been raising blood very freely ever
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far as he has yet had opportunities of observing them. Its
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pustule syphilitic chancre herpes preputialis gastric disturbance
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globules. On the th lie felt so much better that he wished
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fact that atropine and opium were used hypodermically
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Britt Walter Stratton mc Bellevue cb Bullock Eufaula.
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cell with well stained intercellular substance and per
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If the pulse and fever continue high after the pain is relieved and
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longs or relates to the bladder. V. ax teries vary in
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sons especially when on the other side of forty generally fall victims to
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ance in eating and drinking exercise in the omou air securing of
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In reply to a question. Dr. Trudeau said that he used
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lady of culture and eminent critical talents of this new volume

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