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from upwards of grains which he passed in a full mixed

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but in the course of a few minutes he recovered. Conhne

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between Amphioxus and the Selachians. In the former the

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brane that project into the cavity of the joint and by the

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empted from registration whose name has not been entered in the

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pheles quadrimaculatus reared from the egg in the city

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lialjlc to occur under most careful management. The

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treatment for this affection to take baths varying from

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not perceived at once. It was necessary to know some


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entrance somewhere in this neighborhood. Possibly it may enter

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The hospital in common with all other clinical hospitals

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lation and religion. Wherever this study by comparison wins

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in the blood of guinea pigs after splenectomy described

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Clellan but the hue and cry originated with scheming

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Physical Examination. Patient In poor general condition.

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its own specific action each cell its own life and the

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and Dr. Dietl a Viennese physician treated cases of pneumonia

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neuralgia although the atient had never sus ected that the tumor had

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unsupported authority of Joannes Argentarius. This brilliant

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affirms that there exists no photophobia or intolerance of light so long

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best optical apparatuses it appears only as a small highly refractive

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requires the exercise of judgment. There are various sensory symptoms

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upon a piece of paper on the table and was watching the

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measures be what they may can not control is the spreading of the

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increased as constantly or as high as in the preced

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the urethral discharge changed when it dried upon the

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the cases and as they differ from the delusions of mono

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to the danger from the fever thermometer as has been

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the first visit cause contraction of the gland so as to

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chloramphenicol belongs to which class of antibiotic

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the later stages the granules were found mostly at the border or in

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cases of necrosis of the malleus he has made a free incision

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Hospital physicians Taylor and Pye Smith in the Hospital Reports

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systematic comse of study. He also recommended them when ia

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water by means of cotton tied on a stick and holding lumps of

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allay the irritation or the inflammation. It simply amounts to restoring the

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