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vious examples among us that those that are originally

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ducted through the institution by a corps of guards after which

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ance after passing through normal mice in the course of fourteen

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was felt that brain to a certain extent might prove a selective medium

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during the hiemorrhage and again after it had ceased and the

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year. On the table of the room in which Professor Soyka com

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the incitantik that they muft contribute to horten our lives by fooner

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further bleeding for two or three years and then from time to time

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hj jiochondriac region w.ts dull posteriorly while the right was tyra

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already performed various experiments with the view of insti

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of proof are almost insuperable that an acute febrile attack in a pregnant

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In most of the above mentioned forms the sulcus centralis is

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in fifty healthy cases with no result. He also tested in a

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fibres of the conjoined tendon come into view the lower flap

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Professor of Mental Diseases in Woman s Medical College

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this motion you would exaggerate the defect it would loosen the liga

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fraternal polyandry. As part of the wedding ceremony

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the Tomato shrub largely contains and which is ren

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Prognosis. For the Child. Chassainat s records show that

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intestinal tract and kidneys and edema finally appear.

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We extend our thanks to the staff of the dermatological clinic

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sonal observations of death from fear alone in several victims of

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same side whatever lesion there was must have been above the

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being with Child commonly on that very Day they were ufed

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means of destroying the foetus in extra uterine preg

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during its progress. As Dr. West puts it In a large proportion of

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mur backwards on the ischialic notch in a ehiUl aged

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observed degenerative changes in the phrenic nerve times out

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ted in the fattening of animals before their significance w as

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body and mind by their devotion to that species of pleasure. Still

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reversed autogenous vein. The authors attributed their

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frequent commensal in the earliest part of the outbreak.

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mit dem centralen Nervensystem zusammenh ngt. Der Stiel allein l t

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cure has generally been attempted by calomel and quinine espe

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their former color. This result shows that even the

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interesting and worthy of some consideration. It is of the

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Usher is a native of Northumberland County having been

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as an evidence of incomplete formation of the younger elements and not

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ing to the various countries of tlie world inviting co oper

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