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cal discussion of the subject as Dr. Agnew has attempted to do but

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of reference if it were indexed at the end of the vol

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nication between all the crnnial ganglia and being derived from

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for is shown clearly by an incident of the war with Spain. When

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year old. The hemorrhage recurs every four weeks lasting on each occa

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the kidneys it must first be put into the stomach. The

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there was nothing in the eye when upon a careful personal examination

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brospinal fluid during an operation was not great the

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mischief where none was suspected and prognosis may thereby be influenced.

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up and the soiled tissues excised. In the fundus there was a wound

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turned out of a manufactory. We believe that the American hospitals

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promise is warranted hy the well known hospitality of Louisville and Ken

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quired to appoint censors or examiners of candidates and to license

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central origin as it was usuallv absent after section of both vagi.

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plumbing system. A major complication in diagnosing le

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pose of examining and reporting upon the water in the

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January th the temperature was irregular normal and

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the inside of the inner copper wall. Over this was soldered a shallow

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ing the body medical of its health and strength. The Fistula

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sanitary recommendations. That the practice is in a fair

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bers of other men s hewing. Probably there are too many such books.

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measles are over they leave chronic bronchitis chronic peripneu

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stances the membrane extends to the gullet and stomach.

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Hudson Makuen considers that the faucial tonsils rarely

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The gall bladder presents nothing remarkable and the gall

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permanent step in classification it must be materially modified and sup

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chona Imrks to discover proportion of alkaloids in I

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extremity of the large island Mafia. I have visited this island which

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new highway was opened by or through such enclosed piece.

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and pain in the stomach and has had pains in the lower

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the territory of the portal vein may develop as in occlusion of

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the studies that would be entered upon during the session the lecturer

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