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hinders free motion of the diaphragm and dyspnoea is caused
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ination is necessary to locate the lesion. The treatment is oper
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gemini on its dorsal side and the anterior extremity of the nu
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ular tissue encl sing cells corresponding to small lymphoid cells.
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view that the electrical modifications of air rested solely on
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are highly deleterious and often produce a chronic in
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majority of these cases found it to answer perfectly but in
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severity of the injury the infection and the intra ocular haemorrhage.
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correctly the experience of mankind has guided them in this
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ing back the liquid from the tunica vaginalis into the abdomen
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well marked phylogenetic element. The definite formulation of
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purulent arthritis etc. to distinguish it from suppurative
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The conclusion to be drawn from the above cases is that
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