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from any other disease of an adynamic or typhoid character.

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certainly something worthy of further investigation.

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Meckel s Diverticulum. A diverticulum of the ileum

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Mkrosandad L lia aiders. Histologically the appearances are very

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very closely. Soft concretions invariably yield bacteria

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Proceedings of the Dedication of Hie Hunt Memorial Building by the

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directly precipitate when the urine becomes alkalescent by the

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was formerly however conceived to be a disease of the measure

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years of infrnvenous and intraspinal injections but

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the respiratory quotient did not rise under the influence of sugar inges

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structures. Herein lies the great obstacle that has

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such of your readers who have derived benefit perhaps

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sterno mastoid muscles and superficial veins stand out

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deaths from administering chloroform in the United States are

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the th the ear began to discharge and his condition seemed

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They are probably produced in various ways by errors in diet consti

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In the second chapter in giving the chemical formu

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necessary steps in this department in the practice of medicine

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strenuous efforts to breathe. The cough subsides and with a gradual

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versed injecting the lower margin as deeply as pos

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tention to local conditions. The golden mean is the

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