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lard was ordered for local application. In the next

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eloquent lesson of the beneficent powers of sunlight.

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composed by half a grain of glucose. In using Pavy s solution

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A. The number of equal fpaces at the top of the tube

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narcotics he observed in reference to chloral hydrate tliat the theory

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their offspring as hopelessly incorrigible and which

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the convalescence when convalescence haply ensues has to be as carefully watchcdjl

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be furnished in place of other remuneration. When necessary to

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cated two cases to the Hospital Medical Society in which the

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and in S. America Statics Braziliensis root of which

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upon the general subject of influenza but I think it right to

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in her ovary to which no infection could be traced who

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ten minutes and was succeeded by stupor. Now four hours

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We may conclude this section with some reference to the views

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Jaundice of greater or less degree is a common symptom and occurs more

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and percussion demonstrations of pathological anatomy and the general

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cavity that has been entirely denuded of epithelium by some past suppurative

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