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a thorough tria but all to no purpose except to hasten suppuration

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the vortex of the skull. In some cases an actual depres

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were private practitioners as well and he neither saw any

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Textitre amthr fuppofing all the univerfe annihilated except any of the entire

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in its appearance except a small opaque yellowish spot on the

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are seen and account for the great number of lymphoid

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lover the victim of a degrading disease they may in

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there may be found after death besides the anatomical picture corresponding

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Changes in Alkalinity of the Blood in Certain Diseases of the Skin.

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versity. Dr. Richard Pearce Strong has been appointed

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of the amphistomes. The change from vesicula to musculosa is

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the quantity of fat glycogen and proteid nitrogen of the entire series

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the death of the second was certified without any intimation

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It is possible that some febrile disease may in these cases precede the

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been submitted for publication. The medical depart

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code of instructions for his guidance in all matters con

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are sufficiently fixed give rise to marked damage for the patient

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typical miliary tubercle and some bacilli. The patient was

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insidious or frank in onset acute subacute or chronic in course and slight

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ijss. four times a day with jss. of the following mixture

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gestion of the blood vessels. The bronchi in the.i ray

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the removal of one so worthy so disinterested so excellent we

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the sensation of fatigue is in large part the psychic manifestation of

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jects is brought into operation and the reported cases rise before

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are as a class more liable. The Eegistrar General has shown that in

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and at a considerable sacrifice came to Washington November th

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vorably and admitted to the Association as members.

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tutes a dangerous attendant erysipelas of the face is generally

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useful such immersion proved to be in the diagnosis

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firmation and a careful study of the differentiating symptoms.

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