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the question was referred to the Medicolegal Committee

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in the harsh hand of the police to suppress begging

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the climatic treatment of these cases was a very valuable

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and it was stated that the floating kidney affected with

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swellings of the glands of the neck and in the female fre

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as w ell as for the transient patients who would stray

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tion on Insanity and Dr. Putnam s on Sanitary Reform.

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days. With the increased urine the patient begins to improve and

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of Birmingham. Eight illustrations two plates three

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symptoms have been observed in primary malignant disease of the adrenal bodies.

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faculty of Rome addressing a Maltese physician at that time

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Occasionally however the disease is threatening to life. Besides the

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Shoemaker is of interest in this connection. The pa

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symptoms already described. Symptoms indicating disturbed pancreatic

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darkened. If the eye progresses favourably towards the end

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effect of the ball. He also relates the case of a lady in

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formed ill laboratories or especially constructed cham

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reason why the gynaecologist should be a well seasoned phy

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respiratory movements and that no real cause for the fluctuations

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the sebaceous and coil glands but Dubreuilh thinks the causation

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ing for microscopical study. The illustrations are from

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acute exacerbation of chronic renal disease. Caffeine was adminis

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Candia in Crete may also be mentioned as towns in which this fever

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were thus afiected. Li two other cases there was dilatation only of the

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the latter group. The genitourinary reflexes might be

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and even more actively sapped by the long continued

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Glucose tolersmces oral and intravenous were mad on

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tioned at the Dresden Congress and loi operations are

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immediate results and decide upon the continuation or

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Dr. Walter B. Cannon of Boston stated that the reflex

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Essentially the additional dispensaries and gratuit

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terior wall the immediate neighborhood of the cardia are not

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owing to the formation of the plateau south along the river bank about

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