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hospital he complained of pain in the stomach anorexia vomiting and ten
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or months but it may continue a year or more. Death sometimes occurs
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intense congestion the fluid of the ventricles being
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forming as they do a highly important part of Special Pathology or the
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due to imperfect drainage of the middle ear. Mastoid
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trouble as dilatation thrombi paralysis etc. is not
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mic tumors may be found also in the brain lungs retina serous
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students who come into the college after ten o clock p.m. to be
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an interference with the return of blood from the part.
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practice more or less deception speaking in a whisper pretending to vomit
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have not unfrequently found that college bred women
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tact rather than any attempt to approximate the margins
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chicken pox often about the centre of the forehead which is most
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mucous discharges from the mouth and eyes also contaiu the infection
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is not greatly increased in this disorder although the reverse is believed to
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Widmer who ever forgot him he was notorious for two
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apart from any history of its importation be almost certainly regarded
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close to the cord. In association with a slowly developing segmental
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rare in animals under one year and hardly comprises one per cent
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prcsque continue. De nombreux passages exposent une po
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Testicle enlarged Recent orchitis malignant.disease
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she entered this theatre she has now acquired almost
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the sensations with a vividness which far exceeds the or
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Major and Surgeon ROBERT M. O REILLY Major ayid Surgeon
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In treating of the oxygen acids the writers give a remark
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cerebral vessels of the other while his own cerebral vessels
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the possession of a trainer or veterinary surgeon they have a
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other cases I have relie ed headache by simply pressing there. Now
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tury there is also the passing of its concomitant evils
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be increased to a marked degree in some cases reaching nearly
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culosis and both of these cases were at one time so diagnosed. In
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There is an increased secretion from the sebaceous glands which may
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condition was the same in the evening. Pulse very irregular.
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child differ little in their germicidal properties from those of

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