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to his modesty and aversion to every appearance of dis
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sound and if this cannot easily be got over it consti
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after death especially when autopsies are made within a short time afttf
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which they reside. He illustrated his paper by upwards of
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lining is only loosely attached to the outside which
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beyond the full admission of the vital principle and its acceptance as a
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ventriculi. Ita veins empty into the inferior thyroid
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tion of deriving benefit from the privations and sacrifices
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lijor Flndia gs aid Significance s Studies of altitude rats inoculated with viridans
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affords the patient great relief to hold soinething firmly in the hands at
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strength and remained so until treatment was start
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a Riegel meal and raisins partaken the night before.
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inflammatory atheromatous or syphilitic processes. On rare
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pare observations and suggest new ideas. Again by adopting
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the repulsive odors that will greet your olfactories will not amp il to
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found that the patient is getting Avorse rather than better an exploratory
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corneal vessels and the skin has almost regained its
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remains in a state of stupor from which it never re
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settlement whether they were lepers or no. Suspected persons
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and Germany succeeded the gastric and accompanied the first
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twentieth and fortieth years. In these cases the roots mesen
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theria is very insidious usually comparatively painless showing a
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are pains in the legs and joints the so called saturnine arthralgias. Sensation
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of the Encyclographie tor March last there is a singular error relative
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portions of the omphalo mesenteric duct which persisting
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epileptic seizure he frequently complained of what he termed
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I gt efinition. A chronic affection characterized mainly by paroxys
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Dr. Fleming seconded the motion which on being put to
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operation for its removal was recommended but she declined
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for the increase of veterinary intelligence among graduate vet
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course we accept as correct in so far as the ultimate recovtiy cf
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medicine per se. Fellowship in the American College of Physi
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tissue. The growth commences in the uterine wall and as it increases
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why introduce more poison in an already overwhelmed

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