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know that attention has been called to this point before.

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gaining a diploma from some accredited medical college and chartered bv

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On auscultation the sounds were loud and distinct following one

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to be of service. Patients who do not recover under this treat

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ing and no new cases have appeared among the eighty

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All these articles as well as orange peal are used to

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triturated powder is to be preferred theoretically

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of the tongue. Such spots following erosions of aphthous fever

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bols with the sounds previously learned of respective letters and words.

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treated according to surgical principles. The incision should be dressed with

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cles of the shoulder blade arm and hand and i as he

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bosis partly because relief of the stasis occurs by haBmatemesis

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fiuence of the school system. It is intended that the

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of organised lymph were floating from its peritoneal coat. The

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of the brain stem that there were many fine and a few coarse

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the margins are free. Under these new epidermis forms which

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fibrous tumours first to pregnancy second to parturition and the puerperal

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tion. In this country attempts are made to get over the difficulty

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data offered as characteristic of the average child

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in the anterior part of the buccal cavity then plant

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when avirulent to animals and long cultivated artificially but when

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sirable to get rid of certain cellular elements. The practical results

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the arch of the foot. In the spine there were found

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obtained. Sufficient information about the attack such

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reduplication. If we have four heart sounds for each

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that doctors were unfair to the Commission in putting in bills that were

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