Benemid Overdose

zinc or iron valerates. When the attack is accompanied by emesis it is

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one half months after the first transfusion her hemo

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five cases was to relieve the patients of the excessive haemorrhage from

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brana nictitans was repeatedly passed over the eye. Tears in one

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The clinical symptoms did not ordinarily differ from those

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described as a Medical botanist surrendered to his bad

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female child. On the other hand when the urine is free

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of perfect control over the escape so that by varying the

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able to do so on account of the shortness of the vaeation. Again

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Midland District are well set forth by a writer in the King

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had an attack of tuberculosis some time before. Over the upper

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poison of cholera or small pox and I may add the other

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Kernig s sign also the voluntary element where retained muscle

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protoplasm or supplying some deficiency in the quality of

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supervened upon cancer of the rectum there is nothing

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of the two halves are concerned they might be separated and

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Dr. PoTfS closing said that he admitted that the use of

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lining membrane of the ducts and vesiculse and from the prostate and other

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know of any hereditary or family diseases Had any of them

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Diphtlieria reaches its maximum prevalence in the autumn of each

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with lead. It is also called expressively in the West Indies the

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curriculum of medical education cannot be overesti

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cording to the part of the brain which is so affected.

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This is frequently insufficient to save the foot from severe accident it is

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often difficult to distinguish between these tumors and adenomata occurring

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leinate in doses of five grains. phenyl salicylate etc. The vegetable


or character with any degree of certainty. Others which ter

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tographs of how patients were wrapped at the Willard

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by catheter high colored and smoky specific gravity.

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somewhat changed. Both sounds now heard. The rough

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from his bed. The patient is placed naked on a blanket

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disease but its full value will not be known until the

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tartar emetic bathed with warm and showered with cold

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ing needle trocar at the same time observing that it was a perfectly

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incorrect to draw conclusions regarding possible changes in energy output

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often protracted infinitely at least I have seen them continue

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the case. I therefore decided with the concurrence and

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During the past six months we have borne the expense of pub

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coughed up one of which was raised in my presence by a lady

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these cases an existing rheumatic attack was relieved

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with the fingers of the opposite side and the holding

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