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by them to the respiratory center. By such an operation the only lower

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joint pains backache and occipital neuralgia hyperesthesia of the

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dilated nostril and the fixed ear tell the fact very plainly

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into the hands of the physician not a specialist a power

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ing the danger to health of syphilis and other venereal diseases and

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carries is small as when the involution of the cli

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throb becomes avidible which gradually increases as the

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sigmoid. Luria reports a case of Hirschsprung s dis

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report of the same bureau as quoted by Dr. Bayard Holmes the productive

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was the author also of numerous papers in the Medical jour

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cells. The cytoplasm forms merely a narrow rim around the

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with persecutory delusions which occasionally recurred for a yei

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Littlepage Thomas M. Mt. Sterling Montgomery session

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studious disposition. In the time of the war of he was

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with this pestilence. It first broke out in a village situate on the

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the menstrual period she exposed herself during cold weather and

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ficult to crystallize. The sedative properties of this

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disturbmg the needle. The attachment may then be made

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both by his writings and by reason of the fact that

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in this condition until January or when suppuration was

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first consideration see p. while racial differences are of

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Believing the tumor to be due to chronic inflammation I advised a

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sory impressions became permanently registered in the

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pulmonary infarcts. Both kidneys were extremely irregular

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most marked reduction in the mortality was in pneu

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tinct addition to their methods of treatment and it

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winter a uniform cold much sunshine and purity of atmosphere. A

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of saliva was then dissolved in a caustic alkali and the alkaline solution

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in the winter. If in any of these pursuits you discover any

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in the most positive terms that neither the clothing

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Dr. L. Pierce Clark presented a photograph of exoph

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