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given the second day at intervals of four hours. Re
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while the warmth of the rest of the body is carefully kept up.
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markable healing properties on this particular class
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purulent matter from the denuded surface accompanied by
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which the extravasation became localised and the pa
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be done withiu ten days and at a cost not exceeding
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of their relative frequency in actual practice. That is to say
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tacked three da s before admission with violent pains in the neck and
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stomach. A suggestion which will prove of service in
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the seminiferous particles of disease and have discovered
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for many things it will not be necessary to cultivate more than
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of the dye in water then allowing the supersaturated
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the pathological process in gonorrhea and its mode of
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their last biennial report or abstract of the State pharmacy register
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invited. The present status of the laws of the vari
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similar to their previous occupations and some day awaken to find them
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we imagine that venesection will enable us to diminish the
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creasing obscurity of vision which was now so great that I
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L ouvrage latin de Daniel Heinsius sur la Constitution de
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lactic against recurrence. Early diagnosis required ac
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alum taken into the system in bread was the source from
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years without any signs of recurrence. Three had remained free from recur
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of a glandular. layer there should be any possibility of the forma
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sult that the patients either objected to the milk entirely
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ences can justly be drawn. The procedure is justifi
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By modification of the method of procedure however we may also use
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upon the metabolism of healthy tissues. If given in small doses to
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lead to any definite conclusions it would seem that
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may possibly be produced but the author has never seen it.
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a year apart and each more severe than the previous one. Except
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health official shows by statistics that there were

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