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Schoharie New York prior to the Revolution. Here he

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these eye affections. As early as Weiss considered that trachoma could occur

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physical fatigue but taxing his mental and physical

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Whatever agents for the relief of headache seemed necessarj were

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who engage to perform services tor another. In the text

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fuse secretion from his ca ity may perhaps be regarded as the first

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cystitis and it is immaterial whether this is due to the presence

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subsequently cut presented a hole with ragged edges behind

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with the visceral lesions which I have pointed out is sufficient to

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This form of exostosis he had never seen before the

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cination. Whether these pustules represent variola or a

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rule that in. this form of meningitis headache vomiting delirium and fever

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culous infection whether two inoculations suffice to confer

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symptoms the case must have proved rapidly fatal. Observe

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particularly on the passage of undigested and decomposing food from

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to induce the President to intrust it with the expendi

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sented himself at the same hospital with a second indurated chancre

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and therefore is prone to manifest in a different way the symptoms

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is no conjunctival reaction which would be confused with the con

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