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were well distributed and were used for ventilation as well as for
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ment. A reflex beginning in the pleura will traverse these fibers
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The local effects are manifested by an increased flow
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nal anatomical investigation and clinical experience
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Liver Liver of a light bronze color. The color is lighter
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and stricture I lost one from diffuse periproctitis follow
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heavy steel bar from the sole of the foot to the heavy
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isms. Their life history and their differences and capability of
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ence for the full consideration of medical education in
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genita namely an increase in the bitemporal diameter so that the ears are
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iron both the carbonate and the syrup of the iodide
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the paralyses in acute poliomyelitis may be prevented or by means
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dreds of operations have been perfoimedon the stomach
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and other organs pointed to the existence of chronic
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street dogs. With the most extensive outbreaks of rabies now
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a thin brick wall separating it from a copper which is in the
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by each eructation. This gas is shown to come from the
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the man then be passed as satisfactory I am aware that the
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The honorary degree of Master of Arts was conferred upon
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wood tea with pewter grass in change with tea of pine
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the complete agraphia was the destruction of the base of the second left
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radiation to react with the various acids to give analogous products.
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the agency of the lymphatic system. He recalled the
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support has proved to a certain extent beneficial as in four cases
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years standing double pneumonia pulse soft and intermittent hyper
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which fails to express its normal capabilities is apt to begin to
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ment Ijeing determined by the constitutional condi
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of the tubercle bacillus b on the dose c on the resistance
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to point out deformities of the teeth which often re
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Dr. Tuffier ended his article by saying that one could
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inflammation of laryngeal cellular tissue with effu
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found that cold was the cause of rheumatism fifty times in fifty
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flamed part ami the microscope does not show in the

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