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massage and galvanism and is now rapidly recovering.

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between six and seven last night. Complains of chilliness

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which they become permeated and which preserves the

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Conipt. Rend. tome lxxxix first prepared papain and later

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is slaughtered there are nails and rubbish found in the

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Boinet and others have pointed out that the disorder may occur in more

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The taxonomic aspect of the species question. Am. Nat

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Dr. Leonard Pearson addressed in January the State Breeders

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On the other hand previous acceptance Ijy anj office

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More than fifty cases were treated by this drug and

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to undertake activities which may involve potential violations of the antitrust laws.

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tion emaciation. Pulse stron g and hard heart hyiJertrojihied. Increased

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should be paid to the endothelial cells which covered and

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servants nurses washerwomen apothecary s assistants all

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relapses. A return to the tropics should be deferred until perfect

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Greenslade s Apparatus for Fractured Leg I examined the appliance and with

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motion. These two movements are performed by different sets of

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Symptoms. The first symptoms are dullness and drowsi

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times expressed and infidelity has sometimes boasted that the revela

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It has been mentioned that the mother s recovery was rery

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muscles constipation is often exceedingly obstinate.

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We find in The London Tivies an elaborate article on the above

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enumeration of the articles comprised in this volume

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case for in many dysenteries there are no scybalse at all and

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be understood how an abscess might form. I have observed in

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diagnosis. It is a pity that any man should allow his patients

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