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exist at the same time. This disease is called cirrhosis or sclerosis

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oozing does occur after operation it is advisable to

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sary to recall some of the opportunities there are for the child to

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of the skin takes place. At other times irregular patches of pigmentation

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in value in the last year and judging from present indications they

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which it is named above. It is important to remember though that

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Recurrences of the chlorosis which are not uncommon necessitate a renewal

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cause of this lay in the great increase in heart action

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epoch the southwesterly and southeasterly winds seem

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eye if he had not taken so much mercury and that he might

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complicated cases of spinal cord injury in man collected from the rec

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wax models and some large oil paintings of strictly

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varying courtesy and kindness which I have received while acting

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blood with bacilli and therefore represent two coordinate condi

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light upon the affected part by means of a common lens. He

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nearly all of the natural citizens believe in such nonsense which

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paroxysms. In these cases if there was any tendency to

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The muscles involved are those innervated by the musculo spiral

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thyroid body is becoming more generally recognized as preferable to the

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parently it was dependent upon a hypertrophy of the

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The affection may complicate erysipelas. septicaem ia from whatevi

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for example very likely that rise in blood temperature is responsible

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lieved that it had a beneficial effect. In scrofulous

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in none can it be applied with deeper interest or greater utility.

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and intimate knowledge of disease entitle them to Avorthy confidence

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Transition forms occupy a position between the large

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Figure A basal cell carcinoma showing an ulcer with surround

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along the inner surface of the tibia but the long spicule of bone

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in the performance of his official duties. He was educated at King s

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passing into coma when the trephine was used over the dead

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the tw o conditions and the facts which he has brought forward have

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brane and afterwards the edges of the divided aponeurosis

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were to the world. The uselessness of a hermit life given

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dining out but before four o clock I felt so much stiffness in

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