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weeks following. January he was sent to our clinic for cor

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As regards local measures counter irritation over the neck by means of

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to accept it as the indication of the very high estimation in which

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over the epigastriam. Tlie patient complained about

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other cases I have relie ed headache by simply pressing there. Now

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severe before completely disappeared. She and her friends

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review the anatomy of the anterior cervical region and

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total content of. milligrams of iodine per gland and in Hamburg

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made early in every case from the clinical picture there

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has been no pain in the abdomen or back. Physical examination reveals no

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appendix. During those attacks the pain or distress was

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seen in the increase of rabies. In there were cases in

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or iuflarainatoiy stage give four globules or a drop of the dilution of

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ventricle may be safely tapped and its permanent drainage instituted

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found to be slightly opaque on standing after being

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mi at an elevation oi t feet above the sea. The cli

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in severity in proportion to its quantity and indigestibility

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writer was unable afterward to learn whether false quarter ensued upon

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has stated that the great bulk of the work of that in

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sired in an instrument other than mere flexibility.

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It explains the aljsolute necessity in the outset of a

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diseased condition and nature had endeavoured to throw off

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cod liver oil is simple enough concerning the use of bella

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cases of permanent and severe glycosuria. It cannot

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special circumstances have made the virus specially in

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No. or blue flag stimulo relaxant two to three grain

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applied. In about a week after another such abscess appeared

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tumour behind the aneurism and which was found to be a

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that instead of a single vessel accompanying each branch

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cussed may all be largely corrected in the following

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bones does not seem to be normal for in the experiments of Lehmami

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and persons of an irritable habit I would therefore advise you

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till she returned the time being about half an hour.

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uncertainty in direction of this physiological curve in

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only from reversal of the blood stream that is from a retrograde movement

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membrane vomiting of the neurasthenics and hysterics and the excessive

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into them because of any lack of acuity of vision on the

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after the Nux give a globule of Ooffea. Verat. album is an

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Dr. E. Fletcher Ingals reports a case of this disease be

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height feet inches black hair florid complexion muscu

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taken that water coming from a faucet does not collect from the

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Delpeuch calls attention to a passage in Hippocrates Epidemics

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meningitis are clinically identical with the meningococcal form they may have the same

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was well opened. These features are not peculiar to

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greatest diameter of the pelvis a that level. assilllU S

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