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comparatively common. The mucous membrane is covered

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heated to C. for a few minutes to permit a firm coagulation of

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Unfortunately the individual himself is often to blame

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of the pancreatic and hepatic secretions there being two pecu

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unless they were radically changed. He visited Philadel

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Lactic Aristol Belladonna Oint. Charcoal Poultices made

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domen and generally severe condition may lead to a di

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man of middle age and had been the subject of severe

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of a h ur broth culture itioculatcd intraperitoneally into a half grown white

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manifestation. The cardiac symptoms usually appear from the tenth to the

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tions. The prescriptions illustrating diflFerent types of

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Besides the antitoxin the patient received sixty grains of chloral. In the

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animal is also carried out in the identical way as described in the

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of interest in certain phases of psychology hypnotism

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from the sick room. The room shall be kept well aired and

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Ureteral fistulas are to be distinguished etiologically as congenital traumatic

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action of gravitation would allow the heavy viscera to impinge upon the

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THE APOLLINARIS COMPANY LIMITED London beg to announce that as

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rhythm which is entirely independent of that of the auricles.

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cepted still there is a variety of views as to the precise locality

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as estimated from the figures for this period for the

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however that the pills are not rejected as the cramps are much

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cated complete collapse. If the organisms consolidated

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One teaspoonful in a wineglassful of water three or

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digestive disturbance baths diet the ice bag to the precordium

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orifice although we have been in the habit of laying stress

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washed out before using forceps but should be immedi

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When the city of Munich was supplied from wells the

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Of course the question of operative procedure at once

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By JULIA B. TAPPAN Special Adviser Child Health Section C.

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bread too hurriedly with a spoon instead of a fork

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fermentation that even while in the animal economy it is liable to

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thorough rigor have all the essential characters of convulsion

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new opening presented the only outlet from the stom

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added an account of Surgical appliances in general including

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Hopkins Mr J. his contributions to a hospital in Balti

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ular ptomaines and for this as a rule larger quantities

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which relieves acute attacks of Migraine in most cases

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Trritahle Ulcers. The margin of the surrounding skin is jagged and termi

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and the veterinary profession has no excuse for lagging so far

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