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from the Museum of tlie Glasgow Royal Infirmary was also shown.

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vascular and pericellular infiltration of round cells

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which develop gradually. At first the patient complains of stiffness

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Thyroid treatment begun Dec. At the end of four months

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complained of diarrhea and later in day had a chill fol

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On the th July a fortnight after operation a fresh blood

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across the base of the sac about half an inch from the liver

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physiological involution of the thymus. On the other hand

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tables salad cheese and fruit as at luncheon. The fluids are reduced and

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condition after sudden death from diseases of the circulatory

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already outlined for Valley Forge General Hospital p..

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than on the scalp owing to the circumstances that in the lat

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splendid monuments which they have reared in the name of

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it is almost entirely permanent besides having an agi

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shortly before the time the crime was committed. The prosecution

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applied. Her chest was can ned firmly by a tlannel roller.

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from inflammation of the periosteum. Another instance of a

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them they have lost their lustre and seem to scale off. The

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result not only of personal but of veterinary experience

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sounds are heard plainly. The first sound is somewhat muffled

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