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vessel is evidently harder than normal. Again looking

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plant of which the proofs of its ancient use are so sub

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articles of clothing they have used during their illness is to be

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ordered and weakened by a source of irritation elsewhere

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but the results were unsatisfactory where the mother suf

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be extirpated is emptied of its contents by pressure.

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in that first harassed summer to provide for the maximum utilization of its

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Borden W. C First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.

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the least capable of being useful and one which subjects a physician

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stand and still less easy to summarise in a few lines. The

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pulse are of little significance. With numerous adhesions

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aggregate disability was great while the drain on hospital facilities was equally

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usually the decisions of the legislature wei e as rational as the average

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degree of severity but this must be left to the judg

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cases thns. it maybe briefly stated that in protrjicted and niwttnntr

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on oxidation of glucose possessed the following rotation.

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puerperal eclampsia in very violent convulsions in male adults

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disease no longer manifests itself. In other cases the disease persists with

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of examining the brain and spleen in the case and found

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assumed title in private offices with the sole inten

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