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the bichloride Hg Cl commonly called corrosive sublimate or simply sublimate

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general paralytics as follows. Neuroglia an increase of the cells

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ent. When this remedy is demanded gastric disturbance will

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in dogs subjected under ordinary atmospheric pressure to a gradual

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isolating stable for cattle and the autopsy building.

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On page. under the etiology of acute articular rheumatism nothing is

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shows to pleasure to feasts nay even to sleep and the

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nearly per cent of the carcasses the lesions were so slight and

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them every element which has not its mode of action clearly defined

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There were three cases in which trauma was a deciding factor as the

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the same time both ilia are displaced backwards so as to overlap the

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from their superior delicacy of flavor. If the apple sauces made by baking

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terms lithemia and uric acid diathesis and which no

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result from an initial dose of one half grain three

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of some seventy five other cases taken in the same hos

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Of course individuals differ and varying degrees of

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state of the case since of all the powers of the mind

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his sister Bridget Cunningham years of age who keeps

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these there were at that time four in Germany namely

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Give no opening medicine to any horse previous to this operation.

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On recovering from the chloroform the child but for a

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iodine being detected in the urine fifteen minutes after taking.

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beginning of hostilities personal equipment was under the care of the assist

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believe that hot weather acts directly preventing radiation and

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which it was placed lying over to either side but on con

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The government recently placed with a wholesale drug house an

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ally some difficulty in swallowing for a day or two

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and throat swallowing is very difficult or impossible. After tak

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would seem from the history of middle ear involvement and from the

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the mouth from which it separated easily and hung like a

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