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after a fair trial. What was a fair trial Every bit
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has used it successfully against thrush. Medozinskoie Obo
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fame objefts are fitted to produce in him who with care and skill
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fortunately these bacilli were discarded by an assistant
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well no tinnitus tongue dry not coated abdomen flat
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arrangement will be of course to deprive the surgeon major of the
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published two years ago. Since that time it has been employed in
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the ninth day his bowels refused to retain the injected
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the Quarterly Bulletin from the Chicago Veterinary College for
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changes observed were old and apparently in a retro
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speaking it will continue to make its escape externally so long as
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chanical inability to swallow feedings or secretions while
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pouch to the ensiform cartilage. No pelvic or abdominal
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While eight departments furnished the bulk of the instruction to the stu
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did not succumb to tuberculosis he would perish of some
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exciting cause and when the person affected is of a nervous tempera
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obtained good results with gastroenterostomy and called
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in England and Magnusson in Sweden. In many respects mor
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allied disease ingrowing nail I was delighted to find what I con
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the essayist if it were not necessary that a few bacteria be present
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tween the two. The nasal disorder of neurasthenia was to
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particular set of circumstances. Again the student is
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in private practice than in clinical work though many
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pathology of milk lactation and nutrition are carefully discussed and
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Besides the principal use which we have assigned to adeps and ac
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sumptives epileptics and inebriates. If we will con
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The diet should be limited to bland farinaceous foods
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and whose practice I had the advantage of studying during his stay in
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tionalism. Half a century had not yet elapsed and the
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for their opinions. Of these did not express an opinion believed that
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to the lower limbs. They disappear generally with improved regimen
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the offending humours from the blood and juices are perpetually flying off. But
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field where the meeting is held this year. But London
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army. Germany now employs its full man power. In the
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of the heart. Let us then be careful in our diagnosis during
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be in a serious condition she was killed and a post mortem held
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prived of their spleen by operation got along as well as

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