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merely a result of defective blood su ply. Some years ago Nothnagel

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whole allowed to evaporate spontaneously to a thin syrupy consistence

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remain fixed in the region of the kidneys and simulate lumttigo and as

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tality three times as great as another and the latter

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mirror placed against the soft palate so as to be received

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New Method of Treating Tuberculosis and Other Pulmonary

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orrhage occurred twice within a week before delivery but a ma

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eases ptomaines and like poisons are rapidly formed and

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jaw half closed eyes slow respiration or state of excitement without

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The above summary of the various processes in the liver cell may

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dictum regarding the frontal centre. We shall see later that cerebral

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portions taken from a glandered animal were placed at the

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nares and trachea and both likewise produce false mem

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atrophy and the lashes eventually cease to grow after passing through suc

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produced a very great laceration of the meninges. The common integuments over the

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who are interested in Medical Science are invited to at

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Explanations. The first group includes all the bitten treated in

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The Army Medical Museum at Washington initiated l y Surgeon Gene

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being likely to restrict the field of observation which should

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among his hearers. Such field work by physicians should be supple

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constipation there is a prolonged retention of feces within

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women than in men and not unfrequently develops in growing chil

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pying the whole of the upper edge of the falx cere

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Dr. G. Coronedi of Florence Italy has also tried this strontium salt

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of the included pendulum we counted the recurfions of both and we

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of inevitable deterioration by mere transmission he remarked writing

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the bull projects beyond the lower end of the testicles on its

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cough remains dry for a long time but more frequently a tenacious

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secondly on Anatomy Institutes of Medicine and Surgerj

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him what had become of the amputated part. He told me he

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time conscientiously opposed and acting fully up to

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stages of arteriosclerosis often presents symptoms of Graves s dis

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the shops connected with the hospital. Thus the man with

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merly existing catarrh has so smoothed otr the mucous

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latest days within which they can present themselves. An extra fee is

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assistant is now relieved from further duty. The operator grasps

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representatives. We trust that all difficulties such as

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of the stupidity and weakness of the Board of Regents

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colon were impacted with old remnants while a regular daily stool

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The palm of the hand having been much shattered by the explosion of

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staff having an extremity sufficiently large not to be

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the entrance of septic matter into the blood rigors delirium stupor

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environment as in the intestinal tract of ruminants. Outbreaks

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except in the operative practical parts thereof befoi e any exa

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