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small quantities but cattle might be tempted to eat

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the brain that being the organ with her which can best

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any other rendered explicable the occasional prolonged non infective periods.

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principal foodstuffs to keep the body in its best working con

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accessojy nerve or of its nucleus. The trapezius. an gt some

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The symptoms continue ivith constant or increasing intensify untO

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had died of croup. Had treated the patient with a mixture of

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Whenever the dog s ulna was removed subperiosteally

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THE freaks of fashion are passing strange. But a year ago people were

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anterior abdominal wall between the stomach and colon. The transverse

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insufficiency the double murmur of these lesions when occurring together

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panions loud speech or calling. He had observed on the Antisana

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clinical study medicine has gained new and higher points of view in passing

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the mind of the student who naturally associated the

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Preparation. This compound was prepared in the same way as the

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The fourth object of this Association The Establishment and Pres

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affection viz Acute Chronic Simple Scrofulous Purulent Granular

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sistance on either side that disappeared on pressure.

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tinguish their nature. The relatively simple procedure which yields the

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was adherent which coil was lying parallel with Poupart s

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be of much value. Golf has solved the problem for many

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the longer line joining the left sacro iliac synchondrosis and the sym

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I but in five days fresh symptoms appeared the temperature rising to

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tion in premature labour in still birth and child died

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always a long one and has lasted to day over an hour

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you your relatives friends neighbors business associates

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we find other appearances fjCwurAOT which certainly cannot be passed

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sue containing little fibrous nodules. In the thickened walls and baseekaM

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rupture. If the patient does not succumb to shock she is in

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only grow in a special nidus may be inferred from certain facts

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ing concords are produced when the greatest number of vibrations in a

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of special damaj es inasmuch as his client had come into

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gous to atheroma of the arteries it certainly becomes more rigid

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suggested the operation in many cases but with only

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stockings frequently getting wet and exposing himself to vicissi

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Universities Commissioners Surgery as well as Medicine

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Anderson then presented him on behalf of the Metropoli

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especially. The posterior arch may be incompletely ossified or it may

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must be injected in the fluid state after which the tem

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In these cases of retardation of the blood in the inferior vena

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