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urethra and extracted. This took about twenty five minutes.
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Sheard and Drs. Ilenrv Howitt and Angus Lickinnon Guelph.
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men and acted on the vegetable colours as an alkali. It depo
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will spread to persons who nurse and otherwise closely attend upon the
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hyalin casts persisted. Large mass at site of first
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The expression that in a Widal reaction the typhoid bacilli
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cases of phosphoric phenomena which we possess at the pre
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surface until it can be easily felt in the perineum.
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Gastralgias may be associated with genito urinary diseases in the
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drop every hour in nausea of pregnancy and after a drunken
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life when there is already much exhaustion from previous
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tion in using the chisel devised by Dr. Myles which had
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The coroner s duties require the exerciste of two im
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observers. It therefore seems that in the streptococcus vaccines we
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