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cerpts from the proceedings of the Medical Society of
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April and about oz. of pus evacuated. He remained in hospital for
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laryngological world make no such claims. When a cure
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Dr. A. Lapthorn Smith read the reports of these cases
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should be practised in all cases of bony fixation where
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study must necessarily be in coarse outlines lest the
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thus obtained in which the sectional disks are colored
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Whenever our opinion in this respect is erroneous our technique
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The Representation of the People BiU Scotland now before
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I recently examined every one of them contained bacteria in the yolk
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treatment of Dysentery has long been in use to some extent
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that the father absorbed in outdoor pursuits regards
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condition if he pursued this habit. A lady came to me in
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tomatology which refers to a deeper seated lesion of the nervous
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whole environment of man as far as it affects the pro
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puddings gruels etc. from Ricbmond Keith Ingram court Fenchurub
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This gives the possibility of reflex movements being
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clusion in the laboratory of the University of Pennsyl
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cases of diabetes mellitus in which after the usual restricted diet failed to
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result of the repeated injection of a toxin into the tissues
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grows up is constantly annoyed by an irritation which in many y
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Such then is the opinion of the Ministry in this ques
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erable fatty change. Section of the floor of the fourth
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their ample experience. We quote with pleasure the following
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is doing which is often an advantage. With adenoids all
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tion depends upon the manner in which the patient is secured.
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entering the eyes etc. which set up inflammation of
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those germs Bacteria from horses and dogs pneumonia
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the office to remain current with the developments in the
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any point even with the patient under an anesthetic.
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consisting of urates blood cells casts granular detritus etc. appears. The
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ment was temporarily discontinued. Thirty six hours later
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that even in these mild cases dangerous complications sometimes
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demands that we avail ourselves of every laboratory facility.
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is the most powerful destroyer of bad habits that is
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digestion and is a clear colorless and odorless fluid very alkaline
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three good four pound loaves of bread. Flour should never
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leeches applied in the neighborhood of the inflamed part. Local bloodletting
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inhibit the conduction of the force may account for the peculiar frac

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