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heart could be seen at a distance of several feet the movement

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you arrive at the legitimate conclusion that there is pleuro pneu

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the muscular fibres or of the cellular membrane must also be

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Physicians Collefje of Surgeons Apothecaries Hall St. Andrews Aber

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The phenerythrene of Fabini may well be phenoquinone or a derivative

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Dr. Wisner R. Townsend said that in the Hospital for

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amount of fiuid obtained when the areas break down or are incised

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finished anteriorly by the head which is divided into the

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which is left around and sometimes within the joint affected by a

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effect produced by lactation upon the axillary and infraclavicular

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alimentary tube in this disease and principally that of the small

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an English inch. The mitral valve was considerably thick

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Third Year. Elective conferences on pathological physiology of hypertension

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preparations such as the emplastrum or glycerin. The point of chief

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hemorrhoids etc. They also prove serviceable in cases of obesity

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juice Blasi amp Traveli. The natural gastric juice destroys the virus of rabies

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ways numerous cases of leprosy amongst them and are in

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as far as it goes but before assenting to it universally or

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when the vesicle burst and became converted into a Hunterian

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Another proof of its existence Is that when the stem will

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other rodent the marmot Arctomys hohac. The eradication of plague

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the above mentioned diseases of the heart does not cause by

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bral abscess or meningitis with resulting cure of the

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fectual attempts were made to introduce a tracheal tube

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nary dipping mixtures or much stronger are likewise

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blood. Not uncommonly these animals have buboes. When a guinea

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body. To this class belong the so called children s diseases and

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tube where it joined the mask became closed by a plug of solid

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The condition of anamia has only recently been noticed.

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Amongst affections of the kidney in acute nephritis the

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