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capillaries in the papillary layer and by lymph vessels

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manner as the acid extract gave slight precipitates

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evident that the sphincter itself is not relaxed and

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transudation such is the serosity which moistens the serous membranes

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thirty drops of laudanum are added roton oil given in one drop

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Contents and Feces. Dr. Bassler exhibited an appara

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When the number of the valves is defective there may be only twa


Ill a very interesting memoir by Professor Caldwell of Transylvania

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to continue his education for a period of about two years

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Schaumann s experiments which have been amply confirmed by Eraser

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from his rich storehouse garnered from a long life of

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ever vinegar is swallowed together with portions of fungi thdr

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disease the general direction of the movement persists in spite

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coordinated movements of peristalsis. As a result of

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without recognizable infection may exist indefinitely without sub

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The parasite was named by Richard Owen and was long regarded as

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the tube to the tympanic cavity ulceration of the surface is usually

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tion in the shape of blisters and there was soon a mani

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act in the examination and purchase of horses for the Government

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nished apartments board etc. Applications th instant to George S. EUiston

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if he had given a legal opinion with as little knowl

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portion of tissue should be only freshened at a time the sutures

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