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officer known as the Surgeon General and in other States by the
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acteristics that the latter should have been inter
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tients with marked cardiac lesions should not be allowed
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nien who made that assertion to prove it. He ditl not know
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attached a very strong hard rubber pipe. In giving mea
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the lips of sheep and produced characteristic necrotic ulcers. Smears
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cable by their greater exposure to sources of contagion
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of the resected bone. As a means of diminishing the risk of
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been secured by combining or by alternating the two
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amount of heat production corresponding to the oxygen
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ceded by suggestions or practices of a similar kind which
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Sepiar Session mwm tde first week iq OctoDer iq eacq geai
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examine the fuccefs we found little flicks of ice upon the top like
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Poissons Fossiles and the Monographie des Poissons Fossiles du
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syphilitic treated by the new arsenical preparations.
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tions while the thousandth potency of some drugs is some
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more marked the more intense the sensation. When tetanus occurs
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effect of general and equable pressure in aiding the restorative
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were gastric hyperacidity and hyperperistalsis. and
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running forward dorsal to the nervi oculomotorius and troch
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which had been performed. In the other case the final
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the possible exception of tuberculosis resents such
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logists are inclined to ascribe to the rapid post mortem coagu
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colonies of the same coccus developed. In the appearance of its colonies
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granular variety the epithelial cells form small corpuscles in which neither

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